Kathleen CV

Extensive and proven results in digital and print media as a newsroom leader, journalist and writer with experience in the U.S. and overseas: New York, Washington, Boston, the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Excellent story-telling and writing skills.

Possess well-honed logistical and journalistic judgment and intuition to analyze sources and developments, evaluate content needs, create assignments, and develop product for online and other formats. Operate effectively under tight deadlines that require high level multi-tasking, communication with internal and external partners, professional integrity and quick thinking. Respectful and efficient with budget.

Equipped to drive web and content strategies to increase user engagement, expand visibility on digital platforms, and promote awareness of critical content, product and events. Able to create and deliver messages to support an organization’s unique digital presence. Skilled in crafting and positioning content and communication plans, staying ahead of competitive issues, and managing those issues in the media.

Thorough knowledge of journalism industry and wide contacts among journalists. I respond to events, changes and news reflexively. I have managed and motivated teams remotely. The ideas I create work as solutions, and I execute them with little wake.

(Webpage background photo of Tel Aviv bus bombing by Associated Press.)

Core Competencies   

  • News and Content
  • Social Media
  • International Journalism
  • Story-telling and Reporting
  • Web Site Launches
  • Public and Media Relations
  • Budget, Rev, Growth
  • Project Planning/Execution


Managing Editor, Arnold Worldwide, Boston, MA
Strategize and create content hubs for diverse clients of leading advertising agency through content marketing, digital and business strategy, and client and product relationships.

  • Strategize content hubs to elevate client thought leadership in the industry space
  • Coordinate editorial, visual, social, marketing and design
  • CVS, ADT, Progressive, Grads of Life

Senior Editor and Managing Editor, EverydayHealth Inc., New York, NY
Manage and coordinate latest medical and scientific content for professional and consumer audiences at EverydayHealth.com and MedpageToday.com. Translate complex clinical studies and data, and conference content into digestible daily content and social media. Topics include pharmaceuticals, devices, regulation and government oversight. 
Promoted to senior editor.

  • Managed breaking, trending and long-form news
  • Coordinated content partnerships, such as with PBS “Frontline”
  • Oversaw and coordinated social media platforms and apps
  • Coordinated with product development, marketing, sales and sibling products

Managing Editor, Lowell Sun and LowellSun.com, MA
Recruited to navigate traditional paper to online and social channels. Directed news and local content presentation in print, video, online and mobile. Created revenue streams.

  • Transformed site content and design
  • Distributed coverage across multiple platforms online and mobile
  • Enhanced or introduced Facebook, Twitter, SEO, CMS, video, photo, blogging, content sharing across platforms
  • Cultivated strong user engagement
  • Doused flaming while engaging users through moderated comments

Editor and Newsroom Manager, Globalpost.com, Boston, MA
Managed and coordinated newsroom operations for international news service with 50+ correspondents in 70 global beats. Molded assignment strategies and developed systems for content creation and promotion. Built, edited and managed Study Abroad page with a $0 budget, showcasing news, photo, video and audio generated by students abroad. Spoke and presented at conferences.


Rape survivors at Centre Olame in Democratic Republic of Congo. Photo by filmmaker Lisa F. Jackson. The infant is the child of one of the victims in this photo and her rapist.

  • Generated top-trafficked content on site
  • Managed remote teams of global correspondents
  • Creatively packaged digital content on cutting edge of Internet revolution
  • Maintained pulse on political and cultural events to source story ideas
  • Introduced social media and marketing, web analytics and metrics
  • Liaised with marketing, advertising, finance, investor relations and editorial board

Managing Editor, Pacific Stars and Stripes, US DoD, Tokyo, Japan
Led team over 10 Asian locations as the senior editor and newsroom manager of a daily newspaper for US military worldwide.

  • Managed coverage of 9/11 attacks, Middle East and Afghanistan conflicts
  • Managed daily and long-range news
  • Stationed on military installation and frequently toured bases around Asia, Hawaii and Washington DC
  • Liaised with military personnel and officers

Reporting, Writing, Editing

Special Advisor,  Future of Media, Federal Communications Commission, DC
Key contributor to FCC research initiative evaluating transition to digital from print and its impact on democracy in communities, regions and nation.

  • Examined impact of fewer journalists on government malfeasance and democracy
  • Gauged lapses in court, government, police, health, environment, immigration news
  • Assessed current media landscape in rapidly deteriorating industry
  • Conducted relentless research and interviews

Web Editor, Canadian Broadcast Corp. / CBC.ca, Toronto, Canada
Coordinated and edited worldwide coverage for www.CBC.ca.

Editor, Japanese Public Broadcasting (NHK), Tokyo, Japan

Reporter, Baltimore Sun, Washington Post, Newsday and Globe & Mail, Jerusalem, Cairo, Mideast, Europe, Russia, Asia
Edited, reported and photographed – frequently page 1 — foreign, national, metro, business and suburban news for The Sun. Wrote about fake Vietnam vets, skinheads, pregnant teenagers and the sometimes tragic antics of vacationers at Maryland’s busiest seaside resort.

(Background photo on this webpage of Tel Aviv bus bombing by Associated Press with M.K. Guzda news article.)


Netpreneur, www.WriteHire.com, Washington, DCWH home page
Conceived and launched commercial website in 1999 that linked writers and editors worldwide with business and institutions. Developed business and marketing plans; viral and e-marketing tools; analytics; design, content and user interface. Experience with functionality, database management, content management systems, affiliation programs, e-commerce and social media. I tried. I failed. I learned. A lot.

Writer and Editor, Corporate Communications, Washington, DC
Corporate communications consultant for businesses, organizations and associations, including content creation like speeches, newsletters, white papers and annual reports.


University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, Bachelor of Journalism
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, Nieman Fellow Affiliate

In Spanish, French, Hebrew, Japanese, Turkish and Arabic, I can speak an ice-breaking five phrases.

978-505-5523 cell


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